QR Code

QR CODE – Quick Response Code

 QR Codes are used to let Customers Instantly get access to:
–  Product Purchase Page
–  Service Purchase Page
–  App & Software Download Page
–  Website Or Any URL
–  Video or YouTube Link
–  Social Media Links
–  Online Restaurant Food Order Link
–  Call Restaurant For Home Deliveries
–  Access To Company, Employee or Personal Contact Details
–  Access To Company Help Call Service
–  Access To View & Get New Offers, Discount & Opportunities
–  Access To Facebook Profile & Like Page
–  Access To Twitter, G+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram Follow Page
–  Access To Any Informative Link WHO CAN USE/CREATE QR CODES:
Business Owners Can Use QR Codes For Business Growth & Achieving Objectives;
Employees May Use QR Code On Visiting Card & Online Posts To Redirect Customer To Products & Services Page Or Self & Company Profile In Order To Attract More Customers And Achieve Targets

QR Codes Are Created For Customers
–  To Make Easy Shopping Of Products
–  To Get Quick Services
–  To Install App & Software Instantly
–  To Download Media Files Instantly
–  To Get Promo Code, Discounts, Offers & Opportunities On Purchases
–  To View YouTube & Other Videos
–  To Contact Company or Customer Care Immediately
–  To Order Restaurant Food Online
–  To Call Restaurant For Home Deliveries
–  To Call Customer Service Immediately
–  To View Company, Employee, Product Or Service Profile
— To Know Recent Updates, Reviews And Advantages Of Products & Services Of a Company WHERE QR CODE CAN BE PRINTED:
On Business/Visiting Card, Pamphlets, Posters, Hotel Menu, Brochures, Letterhead, Outdoor Print Ad Banners, Wall Paintings, Invitation Letters, Invoice, Coupon & Vouchers, Books & Diaries (Back or Front End); Can Be Displayed On Website, Email Campaigns & Online Advertisements PLACES WHERE QR CODE CAN ALSO BE PLACED:
A Large Sized QR Code Printed Banner Can Be Placed Outside & Inside Of Office, Outside & Inside Of Store or Mall, On Window Display Glasses, On Hoardings & Many At any Visible Places
Clickypage Excels In Offering Digital Marketing & QR Code Services In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India & Abroad As Well.
Email: info@clickypage.com

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