Email Marketing


What is Email Marketing?Email Marketing is sending Email Campaigns to Subscribers (Existing & Potential Customers/Members) for Brand or Business Promotion, Recent Updates, News Letters, Offers & Vouchers; and Thanking Email For Being A Valuable Subscriber / Member
Email Marketing Campaign is frequently sent to Emails in Bulk.
How Is Email Marketing Done! – Step-Wise

  • Collection Of Existing Client Emails From Contact Sources Like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Purchasing Of Emails In Bulk For Targeted Audience
  • Importing / Pasting & Saving Emails List To Email Marketing Software
  • Choosing Suitable Template or Customizing the same.
  • Adding Contents To Template As To Appeal The Targeted People / Customers
  • Creating A Campaign By Adding Relevant Info About Services, Products, Company, Contact and More
  • Finally, Selecting Template, Selecting List Of People, Filling Sender Name & Email, Altering Content (If Required) and Sending it to Target Audience

Process Is Quite Easy As Well Little Tricky, As It Requires A Help & Support Of Digital Marketing Executive To Create Appealing Template, Campaign, Content With Links Within, Purchasing Emails In Bulk And Further Targeting People

Advantages Of Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing Is More Effective If Targeted Towards Proper Audience
  • Email Marketing Let’s Subscribers / Existing Customers Receive Recent Updates, New Launches, New Services, Newsletter, Social Media Connections, News and More
  • Effectiveness Of Email Marketing Also Rely On Living Standard Of People Whom Are Targeted i.e. Upper Middle Class & Upper Class People Whom Are More Fond Of Online Purchase, Membership, Reviewing Content and More
  • Email Marketing Gives Accurate Report For Campaign Sent With Ratio & Details Of People Accessed Email As Well As People Who Ignored
  • It May Let New / Potential Subscribers For Sign Up, Membership, Enquiry and More
  • Email Marketing Is An Email Blast Sent To Thousands And Lacs Of Subscribers At Once Revealing Brand & Business


Clickypage Excels In Offering Digital Marketing & Email Marketing Services In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India & Abroad As Well.

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